I am a Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Limerick. I was awarded a PhD  by the European University Institute in 2014 and I have worked at University College Dublin, Keele University, and the University of Copenhagen. My research interests include political parties, political careers, the comparative politics of climate change, and Irish politics. Click here for more information on the Irish Policy Agendas Project.

ORCID iD; Scopus 54889850400; Google Scholar

Forthcoming and recent publications:

Green-Pedersen, C. & Little, C. Understanding the conflict of conflicts. Is left-right conflict a necessary condition for the development of new politics? Political Studies. Accepted for publication.

Close, C., Legein, T. & Little, C. Party organisation and the party-delegate style of representation. Party Politics, online before print.

Little, C. Ireland. The executive-centred politics of Covid-19. In Dagnis Jensen, M., Lynggaard, K., and Kluth, M. eds. Governments’ Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Palgrave MacMillan. In press.

Little, C. Climate change. In Carter, N., Keith, D., Sindre, G. and Vasilopoulou, S. eds. The Routledge Handbook of Political Parties. Routledge. In press.

Green-Pedersen, C. & Little, C. 2022. The issue content of party politics in Ireland: a new perspective on the Irish party system and its development. Irish Political Studies. This is the first paper of the Irish Policy Agendas Project, which you can read more about here.

Green-Pedersen, C. & Little, C. 2021. Without enemies, without friends. Morality policies, the Roman Catholic Church, and Ireland’s ‘secular’ party system. Journal of European Public Policy 28 (9): 1391-1409.

Carter, N. & Little, C. 2021. Party competition on climate policy: interest groups, ideology and challenger parties in the UK and Ireland. International Political Science Review 42 (1): 16-32.

Little, C. 2021. Change gradually, then all at once: the general election of February 2020 in the Republic of Ireland. West European Politics.

Little, C. & D.M. Farrell. 2021. The Irish party system: at a critical juncture. In Farrell, D.M. & Hardiman, N. Eds. The Oxford Handbook of Irish Politics. Oxford University Press.

Carter, N., Little, C. & Torney, D. Eds. 2021. Climate Politics in Small European States. Routledge.

For more publications, click here.